European Change Forum 2015

How to be agile

Transforming into a high performance organization. Flexible. Human. Successful.


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To be agile – it is an interesting way of business these days. The complexity in our markets is boosting and the classic ways of management reach the limits. Something has to change.

What do we need for the future success? Its an easy question but an complex answer. A quick standard practice for tackling the new challenges does not exist, it is always an individual frame. There has to be a change in our mindset, our entrenched habits and in the approach to deal with complexity and change.

The key factors for the future success are to be flexible: Managing the unpredictable with structure of the organization which are driven by the market respectively the customer.

Hot topics for the day could be ´decision-making at the right place in the organisation´, ´the new understanding of leadership´ or ´how to manage virtual teams?´.

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„How to be agile“ is our attendant for the ECF this year.

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